Six Tips to Help Manage Your Company’s Online Reputation

Maintaining a positive online reputation can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to your business. Way before the internet boom, word of mouth was the most popular way to keep your business afloat and thriving. With virtually every brick-and-mortar company now online, keeping your online existence flourishing is important in order to carefully maintain your company’s reputation. We’ve got six top tips to ensure that when potential clients search your company online, they will find positive results that will attract them to your business.

1. Run Your Own Search

The best way to find out what is being said about your company is to do some digging on your own. Conduct a few searches and see what your audience has to say about your business. Whether your company is small or brand new, it’s likely that there is someone out there talking about you. Researching can give you an idea on where you should start when it comes to managing your online reputation and will offer an honest, raw assessment of your strengths and weaknesses according to your audience.

2. Purchase Your Company’s Domain Name

Most importantly, make sure your company has their own website. By purchasing a domain name, this will automatically drive traffic to your business. Start with the basics and make sure to have someone managing your website daily. To start, include basic information about your company like address, contact information and what your services are. A quality website will make sure to familiarize customers with your brand, but it will also offer them answers to questions such as where your company is located and what your hours of operation are. Having a website budget will be one of the biggest payoffs when it comes to maintaining your company’s reputation and will drive new traffic everyday.

3. Join Social Media Networks

In addition to maintaining your company’s website, make sure to have an online presence through all online outlets, especially social media. Its crucial to have your company’s name out to the public in every which way possible. We recommend creating a Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account and joining LinkedIn, to name a few. Not only will utilizing these outlets expand the influence of your brand, but they will also allow your business to showcase their very own voice. Hiring a social media management company to continually add new content to these outlets will give you the advantage of keeping your customers consistently engaged.

4. Be Quick to Correct Any Negative Word of Mouth

Any negative feedback can be damaging to your business. Its important to make sure to conduct regular checkins on your online reputation. Make sure to have someone checking comments and reviews that may put your company in a bad light. Lots of times, negative feedback is a result from a simple misunderstanding or a service that didn’t live up to a customer’s expectations. If you discover an unflattering review, have someone immediately reach out to the person who left it and correct the situation. Occasionally, businesses will find negative reviews that are entirely baseless, in these cases, you can contact the administrators of the review site and try to have them removed. Make sure to never react without thinking the situation through. Rectifying the issue is the main goal while maintaining a positive online presence.

5. Look for Common Threads in Success Stories

By being proactive and keeping up on leading brands in the industry, your company will be on top of what is working in their industry and what might not be. There are numerous tools available that will show who the most popular names in your industry are and how well their content is performing. Once you’ve found what works, take a look at what is working well for them and figure out how your company can apply a similar concept to your own customized marketing strategy.

6. Get Busy Creating Relevant and Valuable Content

From your website to your Facebook, LinkedIn and other online accounts, you need to make sure you are sharing top-notch and unique content. Every piece of content including photos, videos, blogposts and beyond are crawled by search engines. When your company creates interesting and inspiring content, you are essentially controlling your own destiny when people search for you. Helpful content is always the best. You should be thinking about the interest, needs and passion of your target audience. Being a content machine is key, and creating a blog on your company’s website can be the first step to engaging new and old audiences. If an article or blogpost you have written is shared, it can drive numerous people directly to you.

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