Five Benefits Of Having An Accessible Website

In today’s tech-savvy world, people are accessing the internet in a multitude of ways. Desktops are still around, but mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and even smartwatches are all the rage. The challenge for businesses is to make sure that they create a website design that will work seamlessly on any device and browser, as well as with a screen reader for people with disabilities. Keeping your web presence cutting edge and user friendly is key. By making sure you are not limiting access to your website content, you will be sure to have an influx in traffic and will greatly benefit your clients and potential clients. Here are five benefits of having an accessible website.

1 - User Friendly

Websites that are built with accessibility in mind make for a much more seamless experience for its visitors. By making your website user friendly, your audience will be capable of engaging more and directly finding what they need or are looking for. Keep your website simple, yet unique. C

ontent should be kept separate from the homepage. By keeping your homepage easy on the eyes and by adding a user friendly drop down menu, visitors will be able to find exactly what they are looking for faster. Your website should be inviting, so make sure to keep the design clean and simple.

2 - Generate Traffic

By creating an accessible website with features like structure and properly labeled links and captivating images, your website will become largely visible in a number of search engines. By creating a well-marked up site, Google and other various search engines can index your site and make it easier to find your page in search results. The more traffic you receive the higher chance of your website appearing in certain keyword searches. Make sure to keep your content concise, your headlines readable and use “hot button” words to increase your searchability.

3 - Building Positive Relationships

Creating an accessible website will also help with your company’s reputation. By designing a unique and user-friendly website, you are showcasing your knowledge of how important it is to keep your visitors up-to-date with the latest compatibilities as well as being socially responsible to your audience. Designing your website to be fully accessible will allow all people, including those with disabilities, to access all content on your website. Your website is your main outlet to be sure you stand out from the rest, so make sure to provide informative, knowledgeable and smart content to your visitors.

4 - Cost Advantages

Having an accessible website will decrease the cost of maintaining your company’s site. If your company hires a digital marketing firm or website designer to keep on task, factoring in accessibility won’t really add much time or cost to the budget. Once the investment of making your website accessible is made, upkeep will remain around two percent of the total budget for keeping your website’s accessibility current. It’s a must for your business to stay ahead of the curve amongst its peers.

5 - Notable Content Will Increase Profit

Content is much more notable and shareable when its is accessible through multiple means and devices. Avoid using scripting whenever possible, since it is impossible to download certain plugins through mobile devices. The best way to keep your website easy to navigate is to design a mobile friendly site. By doing so, your company’s profit will greatly increase. By having content and visual aspects that are appealing, it will feed your visitor’s eyes and minds. The initial visit will be what engages your visitors and will keep them engaged on your website, resulting in them inquiring about your company’s services or products.

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