6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is when companies utilize people within their target audience that are leaders in producing quality content and generating important discussions amongst an audience. By using influencer marketing, companies are able to build an authentic relationship with their followers. Influencers are beneficial because they are specific to a particular niche where they have continuous conversation and engagement on specific topics. Most influencers have a loyal following of people who rely on them for the most notable information and content. By using an influencer to help promote your brand, this will also contribute to your company gaining the same following and trust.

1. Why should your company use Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing will help your company in a number of ways. By using this type of marketing strategy, it will help your brand to break through the noise and connect with thousands and in some cases, millions of consumers in relatable and unique ways. Consumers will learn about your company through captivating social content created by influencers they trust and look up to for real, engaging information. In today’s social media world, influencers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and bloggers have millions of fans looking to them for real information. Companies are quickly catching on and creating partnerships with them by launching influencer marketing campaigns to help improve brand reputation and boost sales. These days, a company’s audience will be 50 times more likely to be triggered by an influencer.

2. How do you pick the right Influencer for your brand?

Influencer Marketing has been trending, but it doesn’t exactly mean it will benefit your company. Before you go and spend money on creating an influencer campaign, make sure your team evaluates if this specific strategy is right for your brand. Determine your target audience and weigh out how much your online presence appeals to them. Once you’ve determined that the strategy will work for you, it’s time to choose the right influencer to connect with your audience. A large follower base isn't the only thing to consider when selecting an influencer. You will need to determine their specific niche and what they are knowledgeable in. This will ensure that your influencer’s content aligns with your products and target market in order to get the most out of them.

3. How much impact does an influencer actually have?

An influencer’s following isn’t the single most important aspect to a successful campaign. Along with a loyal following, the engagement rate is something your company should also evaluate. If an influencer has a reliable level of clout, they will have higher engagement on their posts. You will want to make sure that your influencers are consistently posting content and engaging with their followers both new and old. Your team will need to find ways to creatively work with new influencers by integrating your company’s brand organically into their social media channels. By being involved in all of their online outlets, it will allow your brand to work with an influencer on many channels if they plan ahead for blog posts, Instagram posts and determining hashtags.

4. How much should you spend on Influencer Marketing?

With any strategy, you will need to budget out enough money to make it worth your while and truly benefit your company. If you're looking to create a campaign with a celebrity influencers, it will cost you. If your budget is low, micro-influencers can be ideal for your brand. These are influencers who have less followers, but an audience who is highly engaged. Micro-influencers usually charge less than $500 for a sponsored Instagram post. They may also barter or work with you for non-monetary compensation, like free products or sales commission. If it's the first time your brand is considering influencer marketing, it’s a smart idea to start small. You can always alter your campaign once it progresses and you see real results.

5. How do you connect with influencers?

Find the influencers on social media that you are interested in working with. Once you’ve found them on their channels you will need to have a pitch prepared to send. You can also use an influencer marketing platform instead of manually searching. By using a platform, you can identify and connect with multiple influencers easily and execute your campaigns. By using a marketing platform, you can search by demographics and even filter them by reach and influence, which will help to pinpoint your specific niche. Once you’ve pitched to your potential influencers, the next most important step is to give them creative control. The most effective method for influencers to engage their audience is to maintain their authenticity and honesty. Allow them to showcase their appreciation for your brand in their own unique way to resonate with their own audience.

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