Four Benefits of Having a Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook Business page has lots of benefits. Its one of the most common ways to gain potential customers and easily increase exposure. With two billion users using Facebook on a monthly basis, the answers are all in the numbers.

Here are four points on why using Facebook is key for your brand/business.

1. Help to Develop Brand Loyalty

By utilizing Facebook, your business will be able to have quick and instant interaction with its customers. By having quick customer interaction, your business will be able to provide effective customer support by posting messages, sharing captivating content which can result in more shares and more leads. Businesses can also use Facebook as an outlet to build their email list, website traffic and also helps you expand into different markets.

2. Targeted Advertising

Once you create a Business Facebook ad you can review how well it’s performing by using insights to analyze “likes,” total reach and see how many followers engaged. Facebook Adverts Manager allows you to track your ad’s performance, which measures the amount of impressions its made. For example (number of times shown, reach, number of times visitors click through your ad). By using Facebook Adverts Manager you can also measure the number of times someone has liked, commented and shared. And to take it a step further you can use Google Analytics on your businesses’ website to see location of visitors, percentage of visits and also get insights about competition in your area.

3. Cost Efficient

Using Facebook ads is super cost efficient and allows you to target a specific demographic. Facebook uses OCPM (Optimized CPM) where Facebook shows an ad to people who are likely to respond to it or CPA (Cost Per Action) which expects users to take a specific action like liking your page when they come across your ad. Facebook also uses CPM (Cost Per Million) which is charged per thousand impressions or CPC (Cost Per Click) which is chargeable per click. Depending on your businesses’ strategy, one of the above would be absolutely beneficial to use.

4. Using Facebook to Build Relationships

One of the best things about Facebook and IG marketing is the interaction you get to have with your customer base. By being able to follow your audience closely, it will also help you to make necessary changes or adjust your strategy depending on their feedback. You’ll be able to also connect with non competing businesses, tastemakers and thought leaders in your niche to help build your following and collaborate with others to produce authentic, memorable content.

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